FACETS Fashions provides a unique approach to women’s fashion which includes an opportunity for the customer to participate in the design of her garments.  FACETS Fashions is broken down into two distinct collections: Basic Elements and The Seasons.  A Custom Design option allows each customer to personalize the styles in these FACETS Fashions collections to create her perfect look.


The Basic Elements collection consists of versatile, basic styles in travel-friendly knit fabrics and stretch wovens in neutral colors.  The design focus is slightly conservative but with a creative flair.  These styles are designed to stand the test of time without being victimized by the fickleness of trends; they are contemporary but timeless.  Basic Elements styles are classic skirts, tops, dresses and pants which can be worn alone or paired with an accent piece from The Seasons collection.  A large selection of coordinating colors and fabrics allow the customer to build a versatile wardrobe over time to meet the many needs of her “multi-faceted life”.



The Seasons collection is comprised of three annual seasonal collections: Spring (debuted in April), Summer (debuted in July), and Fall/Winter (debuted in October).  Seasonal fabrics and styles are introduced with each collection to coordinate with Basic Elements styles to create interest and variety.  Jackets and tops, skirts and pants, and last but not least, accessories, are designed with a sense of fun and flair.  High quality, seasonal fabrics are chosen for their uniqueness and beauty – a special part of the FACETS Fashions’ signature style.  The Seasons collections add newness and variety to your wardrobe with each addition.



The extremely unique element that sets FACETS Fashions apart from every other apparel line is our Custom Design Option.   This is where each customer becomes the co-designer of her garments; an opportunity that allows you to express your unique feminine beauty through your fashion choices.  FACETS Fashions’ garments are made to order for you in your individual style through fabric and color choices and size alterations which work to enhance your shape.  You become the co-designer of your garment as you choose a basic style, then modify it to work in the best way with your body through changes in neckline, sleeve and hemline style, and over-all silhouette.  Your garments become even more personally yours as you choose from a vast collection of unique designer fabrics to find your best colors, prints and textures.


FACETS Fashions was founded by artist/designer, Mary Mendla, in Grafton, Wisconsin in 2004.  Mary received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee in 1992.  Her primary area of study was painting and drawing.  However, a deep love of color and texture lead her into experiments with textile surface design (the dyeing and texturing of fabric) which soon developed into a passion.  A strong dressmaking background that began in her childhood, thanks to her gifted and patient mother's instruction, created a foundation for Mary to develop her hand dyed silk fabrics into one of a kind, custom designed garments. 

FACETS Fashions came into being as Mary expanded this into a total line of women's coordinates that could reach beyond the more targeted wearable art market, which specializes mostly in accessories and accent pieces.  Mary developed her own approach to fashion through combining her love of artistic clothing with well designed, basic, wardrobe building separates with a special focus on impeccable fit for many body types.


Contact Designer Mary Mendla:  marymendla@facetsfashions.com   *  262-227-3992

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